Wilson Staff Di9 Irons

If you will be looking for irons this season, a good place to start would be www.wilsongolf.com. The new Wilson Staff Di9 irons mix pricing with performance. During this economy, I know a lot of people are going to be looking to save money. Well, if you receive some of that stimulus money, the Wilson Staff Di9 are affordable irons that do not sacrifice quality for price. There are quite a few unique features of these irons. Wilson delivers a new lower profile; wider sole head design, resulting in the biggest sweet spot that Wilson has ever produced, so that your iron shots are longer and straighter. With Wilsons patented wide-tip technology, you will feel less twisting of the club at impact, which offers greater forgiveness, more distance with the end result of actually hitting the ball where you were aiming. Isnt that what everyone wants from their irons? If you recall in my January edition of Gotta Have Gadget, I listed the Wilson Staff FYbrid as one of my top ten items in 2008. The beauty of the Wilson Staff Di9 irons is the set consists of 5-iron through gap-wedge, what that means is for your longer shots, you can still take advantage of the Wilson Staff FYbrids. The combination of straighter shots, and more distance make the Wilson Staff Di9 irons a gotta have gadget for the 2009 golf season.

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