Wilson Staff FYbrid

fybrid_fy This gadget is from Wilson Golf. This club replaced my 3-iron. The Wilson Staff FYbrid quickly became my go to club in 2008. The Wilson Staff FYbrid took the place of my standard 3-iron as it was much easier to hit and gave me the little added distance I needed. Whether it was a long par-3, or a punch shot from the rough, the Wilson Staff FYbrid delivered. Wilson offers the Staff FYbrid from 15-degree to 27-degree lofts. The 19.5-degree FYbrid was my choice club. I even found myself using this club for short chips around the green when I needed to play a bump and run. The first time I hit the Wilson Staff FYbrid, I was 225-yards out and had to carry 214-yards to get over the waist land in front of the green. I not only carried the waist land, but also was able to stick the shot on the green. This set-up my first eagle of 2008. For more information on the Wilson Staff FYbrid and all Wilson Golf has to offer, visit www.wilsonstaff.com

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