Tour Striker Pro

Watching a PGA tour player strike the ball is a beautiful thing.  Watching me strike the ball would probably suck the life out of your game.  The Tour Striker Pro is designed for single digit handicappers.  I am just on the outside of that range, considered myself a good ball stricker, so I went for the tour Striker Pro.  When the Tour Striker Pro showed up at the door, the look of this 7-iron was a little intimidating. The nice thing about the Tour Striker Pro is that it comes with an instructional video.  I would recommend you watch the video before hitting this club.  If you take this club to the range, I would recommend you go early or late, when no one else is there.  I felt like Roy McAvoy when he showed up to the range with the shanks.  The first couple of times I tried to hit the ball I was topping it, hitting worm burners, skulling it, basically hitting every shank shot in the book.  However, once I learned how to hit this club, I found myself striking my irons much better.  The Tour Striker Pro is designed to teach you how to hit your shot, compressing the ball.  If you can master the Tour Striker irons, you will master ball striking.  Check out which Tour Striker product would be best for your game at

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