Tom Watson “Lessons of a Lifetime”


With all the products out there, sometimes the best thing to do is to go back to the basics.  Tom Watson has a great 2-disc DVD set called, Lessons of a Lifetime.  Disc One focuses on the basics.  Tom starts with something he learned when he was 6 years old, how to grip a golf club.  If you have the basic fundamentals, you can improve your game!  Disc One includes lessons on grip, setup, aim and even the low handicappers might just learn something from this disc.  You have probably all seen replays of one the greatest short players in the game.  Tom focuses on the short game on Disc Two!   Together there is almost three hours of instructional videos on this two disc set.  I’m not one to give away great endings to movies, however there is a fitting tribute which is a must see as well.  Just think of how valuable sitting and listening to Tom Watson would be for almost three hours.  The lessons are easy to follow and I’m pretty certain every level of golfer will learn something from Tom Watson, Lesson of a Lifetime.  To view sample videos, or to purchase this video, visit

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