The Pill Golf


OK, I’ll admit it!  When “The Pill” showed up at my door, I opened up the package and had no idea what to do with these things!  After visiting and watching a quick video, I knew exactly what I needed to do.  I’ll come out and say it, I am a horrible putter!  Anything that I can try to help my putting, I am all in!!  So as soon as I hit the practice green, I opened up my bag and put The Pill to work.  The Pill has an interesting design as it has the feel of a real golf ball, but only about 1/3 of the size.  The design of The Pill is the key to it’s success.  I received instant feedback from my putting stroke.  As I saw in the video, The Pill reacted to my closed face while putting.  Once I got the feel of The Pill, I honestly believe I was putting better.  I had a better feel for my putts, and when I missed, I had a pretty good idea of exactly what I did.  In the past I was simply guessing and over correcting.

Now before every round I am on the putting green using The Pill to warm up.  The cool thing about The Pill is you can also lay it flat to practice hitting down on the ball while chipping to give you more backspin.


So if you have trouble chipping or putting, do what I did and visit here’s hoping it can help your game like it did mine!

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