The Man Table

There are very few gadgets out there that become an instant classic, The Man Table as soon as I saw it went into the Gotta Have Gadget Hall of Fame?

So, what is a “Man Table”?  Perhaps you have seen one, but never knew the true secret of the man table.  The man table is a beautifully hand crafted end table that would look great in any living room or man cave.  I know what you are saying, what makes this an instant hall of fame gadget is that within this beauty, is a built in refrigerator!

I knew this was an instant classic as soon as it arrived.  My wife said, “That will look wonderful in our living room!”  Of course she didn’t realize it was a refrigerator!  That is what makes this such a great item.  I actually have fun when guests come over and I send them into the living room to get a beer out of the fridge.  They stand in the middle of the room looking around helpless as they search for the beer.  When I go over to the Man Table, they cannot believe it!  When their wife or girlfriend tells them the man table would look great in their living room, they all rush to the internet to visit

These end tables are Armish made and you can truly see the craftsmanship the day it arrives.  Available in tobacco, espresso and black, there is a man table for even the most decorative living room.  The debate will begin between men and women if the man table is an elegant end table or a classic refrigerator.  Honestly, who cares, it functions perfectly as both.

The Man Table eliminates the sprint to your kitchen or basement during commercials of the big game as it easily holds a 30-pack of your favorite beverage.  You will find the most popular seat on game day is next to the man table!

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