Ted & Buck’s Excellent Golf App

T-Pro Golf Caddy is a cool app for the iPhone!  OK, I hear you asking, “what does it do?”  Well, the T-Pro Golf Caddy golf app is a series of short videos to help with your golf game.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been on the tee box trying to figure out if I open the club face or close the club face to hit a draw.  Well, with this app, all I have to do is go to the main menu and select the shot I am trying to hit.  In this case it, I hit the “driving” button which brings me to another menu.  There my choices are “Straight Drive”, “Draw”, “Fade” “Hybrid” or “Par 3 knock down shot”.  I click on “Draw” and quickly, Ted & Buck shows me in 1 minute and 13 seconds how to hit the draw shot.  My only wish is I could execute it as good as Buck in the video.  There are videos for every part of your golf game.  From the main menu, you can choose “Golf Swing”, “Driving”, “Thru the Green”, “Bunker Play”, “Short Game”, “Trouble Shots”, “Putting”, “Practice Area” or “T&B Tips”.  There is a video for any shot you want to hit, or it seems like any situation you can get on the course.  You have all seen the tour caddies giving advice, well this is your tour caddy!  Now, I wouldn’t recommend going out with your buddies and watching a video before every shot, what I do is watch a few videos while I am eating lunch.  Another great way to use this app, is to take it to the driving range.  The app cost is $9.99 available in the app store.  You should be able to get that back by improving your score and winning a few bets!  Check them out on-line at http://www.tedandbuckgolf.com/


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