Taylor Made R9 Driver

r9-exploded-view_cmyk_r4The Taylor Made R9 Driver would be the perfect gift for any dad. What makes it such a great gift is Dad can adjust this club to fit his swing and the golf shot he would like to hit. I was amazed at how many different adjustments you can make with the R9. With the Taylor Made R9 Driver, it is like you were giving your dad 24 drivers for him to pick the best one for his swing. I was a big fan of the R7 with adjustable weights when Taylor Made Golf released it, and they have out done themselves with the adjustability of the R9. Now all the adjustability is great, however if the driver doesnt produce results the adjustability wont matter. Well fear not, the Taylor Made Golf faithful will find everything they love about Taylor Made drivers, and those who are faithful to other brands will be pleasantly surprised if they visit their local pro shop or demo days and hit the R9 driver. As technology evolves, dad can take advantage of this technology and have more fun on the golf course. After all, isnt that what it is all about, having fun on the golf course? Well that and out driving your buddies by 10-15 yards doesnt hurt either! For all the technical specs on the Taylor Made R9 driver visit www.taylormadegolf.com.

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