Gears of War 3


First things first, THANK YOU Microsoft for making this a multiplayer game! I know most of the Xbox world plays on-line, but I’m an old school, have a couple beers with a buddy, shoot ‘em up guy! Multiplayer two controller campaign games are becoming rare, so when Gears of War 3 showed up at the front door, I couldn’t wait to play.

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Tron: Evolution, Sims3

Tron XBox360

Video games seem like they have been around forever! Yes, I will be dating myself once again saying I remember playing “pong” and “battle tanks” on one of the original video game systems. Some old school games are making a comeback. In the days of A, B, X, Y, RT, LT, RB and LB one game that is making its way back to the playing field is Mega Man. It was actually pretty funny watching my son get frustrated over a two button game.

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Xbox 360 Elite


I have to share some exciting news. The Xbox 360 Elite has dropped $100 in price to a new MSRP of $299. The Elite console comes with a massive 120 gig hard drive, headset and network cable, and for the holidays, two games Lego Batman and Pure. I love the game selection as it gives you something for the entire family. For the golfers in the family, test your skills against the best in EA SPORTS Tiger Woods PGA TOUR10.

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