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Speaking of relaxing, after mowing the lawn, I like to lay back in the hammock and listen to some tunes.  To fully engulf myself into the sound, I reach for the Aerial7 Chopper2 headphones.  These headphones are designed to give you optimal sound from your iPod™, BlackBerry™ or any other MP3 player or phone.  What’s cool about the Aerial7 Headphones is most of them are compatible with the iPhone™ and Skype™.  With a 3.5mm adapter and built in slim profile microphone you can listen to your favorite music and not have to worry about missing a phone call.  If you are more of an “in ear” person, check out the Aerial7 SUMO line of headphones.  They offer the same great sound, and also feature the slim line microphone.  If you go to www.aerial7.com, you can certainly find the style and design that fits your style.   GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!  Sorry, had to do that, please read in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice!!

I found a really cool gadget from Crosley Radio.  The Crosley Revolution™ turntable will truly rock your world.  Yes, that is right the Crosley Revolution™ plays record albums!  You remember those right?  The cool thing is the Crosley Revolution™ can play your 45s or full albums through your FM Stereo, through the built in speaker, or my favorite option you can connect it to your computer and record them into audio files which can be converted to MP3 files.  I know what you are saying, you can download the MP3 files on-line, guess what not every record is on iTunes!  Find those records in the basement you haven’t heard in years, convert them for your iPhone and rock out to your favorite tunes.  Another cool thing about the Crosley Revotution™ is it is portable.  It takes up very little space, and can run on AC or batteries making it easy for you to move all around your house.  It was fun to find records I have not downloaded, or couldn’t download and hear them again.  Check out the Crosley Revolution™ at www.crosleyradio.com.

Crosley iJuke

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a Jukebox! Tracking down a real 45’s (if you know what that is) record jukebox is next to impossible, so I turned to my friends at Crosley Radio! Known for their audio products, I knew Crosley would have something cool. The iJuke® Premier is a desktop jukebox which has an iPod dock and CD player. With blinking neon lights, and authentic jukebox look, this not only would look great in any game room, but it sounds great as well. Listen to your iPod or favorite CD using the fully functional remote control. The iJuke® Premier is lightweight, so on warm summer nights I bring it out on my deck and relax to my favorite tunes. My goal is to find a spot where I can upgrade to a full size Crosley Jukebox! If you have that person on your list who has a cool game room or mancave and is impossible to buy for, check out www.crosleyradio.com and check out all their unique audio products.