Aerial7 Chopper2 Headphones

January 10, 2012 mconrad 0

To fully engulf myself into the sound, I reach for the Aerial7 Chopper2 headphones. These headphones are designed to give you optimal sound from your iPod™, BlackBerry™ or any other MP3 player or phone. What’s cool about the Aerial7 Headphones is most of them are compatible with the iPhone™ and Skype™.

Crosley Revolution™

October 27, 2011 mconrad 1

I found a really cool gadget from Crosley Radio. The Crosley Revolution™ turntable will truly rock your world. Yes, that is right the Crosley Revolution™ plays record albums! You remember those right?

Crosley Radio iJuke

October 11, 2011 mconrad 0

The iJuke® Premier is a desktop jukebox which has an iPod dock and CD player. With blinking neon lights, and authentic jukebox look, this not only would look great in any game room, but it sounds great as well.