iMainGo XP

October 28, 2012 mconrad 0

To call the iMainGo XP a protective case does it no justice at all, in fact I would call it the best sounding audio you can get in an instant. You see the iMainGo XP is a case that opens up to a portable audio system.

Magellan RoadMate App & Car Kit

March 30, 2011 mconrad 0

To my surprise, the Magellan RoadMate app had all the functions of the stand alone GPS. If you are a data subscriber, you even get the Magellan Traffic Updates (in select areas). I never really liked using my iPhone for a GPS as the battery seemed to drain quickly, Magellan took care of that with the Magellan Premium Car Kit!

Orb MP-1

November 29, 2010 mconrad 3

The Orb MP-1 is something every music lover needs. Are you tired of lugging around speakers, or hooking your iPod up to your stereo? I know I am! I want to control all my music and not be limited to where my iTouch or Android is located. Simply hook up the Orb MP-1 to your stereo system, and you can control all the media from your computer with the Orb Controller for your iPod, iPhone or Android and free Orb Caster on your computer Windows or Mac.

iPod touch

March 5, 2009 mconrad 1

I have been a big fan of the iPod video or now known as the iPod classic and thought there was no reason to upgrade.

Creative Zen X-Fi

February 23, 2009 mconrad 2

If you want to be the cool aunt or uncles, the gift that will surely have parents screaming, “turn that down” would be the combination of the Creative Zen X-Fi with wireless LAN and the Creative GigaWorks T40 full range speaker system. The X-Fi MP3 player is far more than just an MP3 player. You can stream pictures and music utilizing the wireless LAN from your home network. X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity Audio Technology restores the quality of compressed music giving you true sound from your MP3 files.