Are you looking for that perfect gift for a fisherman? You have to check out the iBobber, by Reel Sonar. The iBobber is a castable fishfinder to help your favorite fisher locate the big fish. The iBobber connects via Bluetooth to a iPhone, iPad or tablet for Android. Once connected to your phone or tablet, simply cast the iBobber out to locate fish down to 135 feet deep!

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iPro2 Car Dock by iBOLT

iPro2 iPhone6 snowcanyon

I have searched and searched for the perfect cell phone holder/charger for my car. I have tried some of the infomercial ones, only to have my phone fall off in the middle of my commute! I have finally found a solution that not only secures my phone, it also stays firm to my windshield, charges the phone and completely interacts with my Ford Sync handsfree system, it’s called, iPro2 Car Dock by iBOLT.

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More apps need more power!


There are apps for everything! For me, I have over 5 Disney apps on my iPhone, one for wait times, one for hours and one to let me know where I am LOL. That means when I am at a Disney park my phone is on constantly! So if you are a heavy cell phone user or even a casual cell phone user these cases will cut down your search for power for that late afternoon charge!

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PowerSkin iPhone 4S

I have a PowerSkin for my iPhone and now I never have to worry about the battery. I can surf the web all day, use the GPS for golf, make calls or check email and still have a full battery at the end of the day. The PowerSkin is basically a protective case that has a second battery built into the case.

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Ted & Buck’s Excellent Golf App

photo 1

T-Pro Golf Caddy is a cool app for the iPhone! OK, I hear you asking, “what does it do?” Well, the T-Pro Golf Caddy app is a series of short videos to help with your golf game. I can’t tell you how many times I have been on the tee box trying to figure out if I open the club face or close the club face to hit a draw. Well, with this app, all I have to do is go to the main menu and select the shot I am trying to hit.

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iLuv iMM183 Dual Dock Alarm Clock


Here is a gift mom and dad can share! The iLuv iMM183 Dual Dock Alarm Clock will keep their relationship strong as there will never be a fight to see who gets to charge their iPod using the iLuv iMM183! Why you may ask? The dual dock in dual dock alarm clock is not only because there are two alarm settings, but there are two iPod docking stations which both charge your iPod or iPhone at once! Once you choose which one to listen too, the sound from the iMM183 is impressive! There are some other features which I think are pretty cool.

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Philips DC315 Docking System


Philips makes some great gifts that are perfect for the holiday season. In keeping with the iPod touch/iPhone theme earlier, the Philips DC315 docking system would be a great gift for the business executive on your holiday list. What is cool about this system is you can dock your iPod touch or iPhone, connect the system to your PC via a USB cable and synchronize your contacts, to-do list and calendar.

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