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F1 Flashlight by LED Lenser

F1 Flashlight by LED Lenser

I often comment every time I am watching a movie or TV show about how bright the flashlights are that are being used.  I have said to my wife, “Wow where can I get a flashlight like that?”  There was one point that I have a million candle light rechargeable flash light that was not only bulky, it only lasted a few minutes before it needed to be recharged.  You have all seen these small LED flashlights that put out a pretty good beam so I was a little skeptical when the F1 Flashlight by LED Lenser showed up at my door.   However, once I put in the Lithium 3-volt battery, I couldn’t believe the power of this light!  I was actually excited to take it outside that night to test it in the complete dark.  I was amazed how it lit up the woods behind my house!  I could not believe there was that much power in such a small flashlight!  This is about the size of one of my fingers, its waterproof and puts out a beam of 400 Lumens.  This is the perfect flashlight to keep in your car, next to your bed, in your boat, wherever you might need a flashlight you won’t go wrong having the F1 ready to go.  I will challenge anyone out there to find a smaller, more powerful flashlight!  Check them out at www.ledlenser.com.

Samsung 13 Watt ImageThe futures so bright, I have to wear shades!  If you haven’t jumped on the LED light bulb bandwagon, the time is now!  46 percent of the US Commercial lamp market will be made up of LED lights by the year 2020.

I first made the switch to my outdoor driveway lights as I was tired of replacing them in a few months because they were on so much.  I don’t think I have touched those in years.

Samsung has introduced their line of LED lights which includes the new Candle LED bulb.  I installed this bulb in my ceiling fan as it is a 5.2 watt 300 Lumen bulb (equivalent to 40 watt bulb) that gives off more light and saves more energy than a standard bulb.

The Omnidirectional A19 LED light bulb (pictured here) is an equivalent to a 60 watt bulb.  HOWEVER, the Samsung LED light has a lifetime of 25,000 hours or approximate 22.8 YEARS!  That is 25 times longer than incandescent models!

Stop climbing up on ladders changing light bulbs every few months.  The Samsung LED light bulbs look great, gives off more light and out perform anything that is in your house today!  Find out what LED bulb is right for you by visiting http://www.samsung.com/us/appliances/led-lighting just have your shades ready!

width=262width=300Only seven letters in the alphabet separates i from p.  However when it comes to 1080i and 1080p the difference is huge!  What I am talking about is high definition television.  I thought I had it good with a 60 inch 1080i high definition tv in my living room.  That was until the LG SL90 LED HDTV showed up at my door.  Honestly, I cannot believe how great this picture looks.  The picture seems to jump off the screen.  I love seeing changes in technology and LG Electronics seems to lead the way!  One nice thing about the LG SL90 is LG has given you plenty of opportunity to get the best out of all your inputs.  There are a total of four HDMI inputs giving you plenty of room for a blu-ray player, gaming system, HD-DVR or satellite receiver.  The hidden speakers add to the sleek design which will fit in any room in the house.  Mounting options make it easy to wall mount, or place on a table top.  To truly see LG Electronics leading the way, visit their website at www.lge.com.


Something I enjoy almost as much as golf is video production. I actually graduated from college with a degree in video production and worked in the video industry for some 15+ years. So when it comes to video products I tend to be a little pickier than most people. A few products that I really enjoy come from Pinnacle. The first is the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick. The PCTV HD Pro Stick is a USB TV Tuner for your PC. What most people dont realize is the best high definition signal you can get for your television is FREE. You dont need cable or satellite. Remember those old rabbit ear antennas prior to cable? That antenna can get you crisp uncompressed high definition video. The PCTV HD Pro Stick can accept signals from an antenna or cable. I remember watching NASCAR on my tv and the Ryder Cup in high definition on my pc through the PCTV HD Pro Stick. Its as easy to set-up as a cable box and before you know it you are watching crisp HD video on your PC.

I also enjoy editing my own videos and creating personal DVDs. The Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus editing software is extremely easy to use. Everyone has that one Uncle or Aunt who always has the video camera at special events. The Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus editing software would be the perfect gift for them. Features are easy to use for the beginner to the seasoned pro. After you edit your videos, you can use existing DVD menus to add that final personalized touch. Ask my nephew Kailen Richards about how cool it is to have your own DVD. I edited together his football game, and mixed in photos to music with a menu with his name in a very short time. There arent too many smiles bigger than a 5-year old watching himself on TV. Of course I created a monster, as my wife now wants me to take all our old family videos and put them onto DVDs. Well thanks to the Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus editing software it should be relatively easy. Check out all the cool video products Pinnacle has to offer at www.pinnaclesys.com.

vadohd_back The Creative Vado is a hand held pocket video camera. I first fell in love with the Vado when I originally tested this cool camera. Since then, Creative has released a High Definition Vado. Just when I thought it couldnt get any better, the Vado HD was a pleasant surprise. There are so many times when a digital camera just cant capture the moment. This is where the Vado shines! With technology getting smaller and smaller, you can easily carry your favorite digital camera and the Creative HD Vado in a standard camera case. What makes the Creative Vado stand above the rest is the storage. You can record up to 2 hours of HD plus (highest quality) or 4 hours of HD quality video. All this from a pocket video camera that fits in the palm of your hand, is extremely easy to use and delivers superior video quality. Not only is it easy to record your video, but it is just as easy to upload to your web page or download to your desktop through a built in USB connector. Sure there are other pocket video cameras, but the Creative HD Vado is on the top of my list. Creative is quickly becoming on of my favorite manufactures, for all they have to offer, visit us.creative.com.