F1 Flashlight by LED Lenser

March 30, 2013 mconrad 2

I often comment every time I am watching a movie or TV show about how bright the flashlights are that are being used. I have said to my wife, “Wow where can I get a flashlight like that?”

Samsung LED Light Bulb

March 6, 2013 mconrad 0

Samsung has introduced their line of LED lights which includes the new Candle LED bulb. I installed this bulb in my ceiling fan as it is a 5.2 watt 300 Lumen bulb (equivalent to 40 watt bulb) that gives off more light and saves more energy than a standard bulb.

Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick/Studio 12 Plus

March 7, 2009 mconrad 0

Something I enjoy almost as much as golf is video production. I actually graduated from college with a degree in video production and worked in the video industry for some 15+ years. So when it comes to video products I tend to be a little pickier than most people. A few products that I really enjoy come from Pinnacle. The first is the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick. The PCTV HD Pro Stick is a USB TV Tuner for your PC. What most people dont realize is the best high definition signal you can get for your television is FREE.

Creative HD Vado

February 27, 2009 mconrad 0

The Creative Vado is a hand held pocket video camera. I first fell in love with the Vado when I originally tested this cool camera. Since then, Creative has released a High Definition Vado. Just when I thought it couldnt get any better, the Vado HD was a pleasant surprise.