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04_Bose SoundLink Color speaker - WhiteWhen it comes to audio there is one name that stands above the rest, Bose!  So on my journey to find a great sounding bluetooth speaker, it was no surprise when I reached my destination to find a Bose product!  This has been a long journey as I have tested several bluetooth speakers.  Most bluetooth speakers promise small packaging with a big sound, but fail to deliver on the big sound.  The Bose® SoundLink® Color is slightly larger than most bluetooth speakers, but the quality of the sound is outstanding!  In addition to the sound, Bose has made it extremely simple to connect to up to 5 different devices, and with voice prompts it is very easy to set-up and start listening.  The SoundLink® Color can connect to two devices at the same time making a transition from one device to another almost seamless.  Colors available are red, blue, black, mint and white to match any color scheme you want.  The SoundLink® Color is the lowest price speaker in the SoundLink® series at $129.95 but I can tell you with confidence this speaker is worth the money.  The phrase “you get what you pay for” really seems to match most bluetooth speakers, in this case you get more than what you pay for!  To view the entire line of SoundLink® product, visit them on-line at www.bose.com!  Red would be perfect surrounding the Christmas season!01_Bose SoundLink Color speaker - Family

lock-fob-One thing I never leave the house with anymore is my smartphone.  I can’t tell you how many times I have left the house Smartphone-Appwithout my keys.  Now I can put my smartphone to good use with the Kwikset Kevo Bluetooth Deadbolt lock.  With the Kevo, I can lock and unlock my front door utilizing their iPhone app and bluetooth technology.  In addition to my smartphone, utilizing a supplied FOB the days of inserting a key to lock or unlock the door is over.  When I leave the house I simple touch the lock to activate the deadbolt.  I receive instant feedback with both a visual color and sound that the door is locked.  When I return, I simply touch the lock again to unlock the deadbolt.  The Kevo even knows when I am inside the house or outside.  So if I am inside and approach the door, if someone touches the lock on the outside the lock stays locked!  What is even more cool is that if I want to send an electronic key to a neighbor, friend or relative I simply e-mail them and they can download to their smartphone and unlock the door.  This is great for when I am on vacation and want to have someone check on the house.  I don’t have to leave a key under the doormat anymore and receive a message when they activate the lock.  I also want to tell you how easy this was to install!  Mine was installed with my smartphone and FOB calibrated in less than 45 minutes.  For those who know I am not a construction guy at all know this is easy to install.  Face it, if I can install this lock in under 45 minutes, someone who knows what they are doing can install it in 30 minutes or less!  To view the Kevo in action, you can see videos at http://www.kwikset.com.

creativeThe Creative Sound BlasterAxx SBX 20 is just loaded with technology!  Built not only for great sound, but there are several features that I really like when I am searching for a bluetooth audio speaker.  First of all, I love the iPod app that allows me to control this speaker right from my iPod.  Actually, I use this from my iPhone so if I get a phone call while listening to music, I can answer the call and use the SBX 20 to hear and talk.  The built in microphone can pick up my voice from across the room without yelling.  Another cool feature is the “in focus” setting so the microphone only picks up audio from a specific area.  That is a key feature when you have a dog like mine (Ricky Bobby) who barks at everything.  If Ricky Bobby is not in the  “in focus” zone, no one would ever know he is barking!  When it comes to audio, the SBX 20 is as outstanding as you would expect from Creative Technology.  The audio is crystal clear no matter if you are listening to music, playing a game or watching a movie.  The design allows you to place this in a room without it standing out like a sore thumb.  For all the technical specs, check it out on-line at http://us.creative.com/.

Does dad own a motorcycle? Cardo Systems’s G4 PowerSet is a Bluetooth headset that helps motorcyclists stay connected while riding. The Cardo System’s G4 PowerSet comes in a package of two that are paired together to help riders communicate with one another. The G4 Powerset has some great cool features. First you can communicate with another rider with a range of up to 1 mile! Secondly, with the Click-to-Link™ feature, if you see another rider with a G4 PowerSet, you can easily connect to communicate with that rider. Thirdly, with the multi-device connectivity, you can listen to your MP3 player or connect to your cell phone in addition to talking to your riding partner. Fourth, having the windscreen mouthpiece will reduce the amount of bugs in dad’s teeth! For more information or technical specs, visit them on-line at www.cardosystems.com.

There’s an app for that!  Well, actually there are a ton of navigation apps!  A few months ago, I reviewed the Magellan RoadMate 3065 (http://gottahavegadget.com/?p=871) so I was anxious to put the RoadMate App to the test.  To my surprise, the Magellan RoadMate app had all the functions of the stand alone GPS.  If you are a data subscriber, you even get the Magellan Traffic Updates (in select areas).  I never really liked using my iPhone for a GPS as the battery seemed to drain quickly, Magellan took care of that with the Magellan Premium Car Kit!  (more…)

width=214Philips makes some great gifts that are perfect for the holiday season.  In keeping with the iPod touch/iPhone theme earlier, the Philips DC315 docking system would be a great gift for the business executive on your holiday list.  What is cool about this system is you can dock your iPod touch or iPhone, connect the system to your PC via a USB cable and synchronize your contacts, to-do list and calendar.  All that with the ability to accept calls via your Bluetooth connection and an audio system that sounds great, all while charging your iPod touch or iPhone.  (more…)



Since I have recommended a lot of electronics, this next item fits perfectly!  If your kitchen counter looks anything like mine, you have cell phones, Blackberry, iPods and other items being charged and wires sticking up everywhere.  The Powermat allows you to charge multiple devices on one Powermat.  Once connected, simply place your device on the Powermat and you will have a full charge in no time.  The Powermat also works with various devices such as cell phones, GPS systems, Bluetooth headsets and more.  Simply visit www.powermat.com, type in what you need to charge, and the site will tell you exactly what you need to be up and running.  So for a gadget guy like me, the Powermat not only helps to organize the counter top, but has everything I need in one central location so when I leave the house I have all my gadgets fully charged and ready to go!

TL92278How many times have you run around looking for your phone when your cell phone starts to ring?  By the time you find the phone you may have missed an important call.  AT&T has come up with a brilliant idea incorporating Bluetooth technology in their cordless home phone.  The AT&T TL92278 DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone has built in Bluetooth technology, so you can sync up your cell phone and not have to run all over creation to find your cell phone.  Simply sync your Bluetooth cell phone to the AT&T system and when your cell phone rings, you can answer it from any of the cordless phones.  You can program the AT&T phone for a distinct ring tone so you know the call is to your cell phone.  (more…)

Discovery925_Purple_rgbFor moms on the go, check out the Plantronics Discovery 925 Bluetooth earpiece.  Many states now have hands free laws in place so if mom wants to use her cell phone while on the road, she will need a Bluetooth headset.  The Plantronics Discovery 925 is easy to sync with your Bluetooth cell phone and will keep mom safe while driving.  (more…)