TAG Heuer 27° Air Sunglasses

27air_photochromicLooking good on the course is only half the benefit of the TAG Heuer 27° Air Sunglasses.  These sun glasses are so light weight, there are times I forget I have them on.  TAG Heuer 27° Air Sunglasses are optimally designed for different sports.  Their brown precision lens is optimized for golfers to give you better vision and protection on the course.  I love these glasses because even on cloudy days, looking through the 27° Air sunlasses brightens up the day.  The invisible hinges are not only cool, but comfortable and they dont slide during your swing.  Better vision around the green as well is an added benefit when the time comes to hit that crucial putt.  I wear my TAG Heuer 27° Air Sunglasses during every round, and every time I am out an about.  Stylish and performance set the TAG Heuers apart from their competition.  For all the technical specs for golf or any other sport, visit www.tagheuer.com/eyewear

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