System Mechanic by iolo Labs


When it comes to computers, I am just as big as a geek as I am with electronics, so when I was asked to test out System Mechanic I figured my computer was clean and running at optimal performance.  Well, I was wrong.  After a deep scan of my computer there were several problems that were identified.  System Mechanic by iolo labs scans your computer (and continues to run in the background) to diagnose and fix over 30,000 different PC problems.  Items such as Registry Revitalizer, LiveBoost, EnergyBooster, NetBooster and Startup Optimizer are just a few features of System Mechanic.  Being a computer and electronic geek has its drawbacks.  I am always on-call for all my family members.  With that being said, I thought this would be a GREAT opportunity to put System Mechanic to the ultimate test.  I sm_screenshots_problems_largeinstalled System Mechanic on my dad’s laptop.  He is always calling and complaining that his new computer is running slow or giving him error messages.  I installed System Mechanic over 3 weeks ago and he hasn’t called me once since it was installed!  If System Mechanic can find and solve problems on my dad’s laptop, I have complete faith in this product!  Iolo labs offers several different products to help your computer run faster and stay secure.  To check out all they have to offer, visit believe me you won’t be disappointed.

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