STX S2.0 Composite Field Hockey Stick


Before you start reading this paragraph I already know what you are thinking, “Mike this is your biggest stretch ever, a field hockey stick?”  Ahhh, there is a method to my madness!  My son isn’t a golfer (I know, it kills me!), and my daughter hasn’t shown much interest.  However, she has shown interest in field hockey!  Think about it, field hockey is basically the same as golf; smack the ball as hard as you can down the field with a stick.  Now that my daughter has shown an interest in a golf like sport, I think the transition to the fairway maybe a little easier!  Last month I told you about the STX Envision TR putter (  When it arrived, my daughter told me about the great Field Hockey Sticks STX makes as well.  Like the Envision TR Putter, that comment started the ball rolling!  Come to find out, purchasing a field hockey stick is almost as complicated as buying a new set of irons!  STX manufactures wooden and composite field hockey sticks.  Like golf, height and position plays into getting the best equipment.  When all was said and done, under the Conrad Christmas tree was the STX S2.0 Composite Field Hockey Stick.  I can tell you my daughter was just as excited as I get when new clubs arrive!!  She was the one that told me about the STX patented weight and design, as well as the flatter edges that allow for better sweep hits.  I will tell you my sister was a big field hockey player and now wins long drive contest in almost every tournament she plays in!  My hope is my daughters love of field hockey will soon translate to the golf course as well.  So if your daughter isn’t into golf just yet, check out field hockey and STX field hockey sticks.  You can find them online at

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