StumpChunks Fire Starter!

bag-front OK I will admit it, I suck at starting fires!  This is coming from a guy that has a great fire pit and has between 10-15 bonfires a year.  I have fires in the summer, winter and all sorts of weather.  On a few occasions, I have had to call my neighbor the engineer to get the fire going!  When I am able to get a small fire going, I dance around like Tom Hanks in “Castaway” and shout, “I have created FIRE!”

Well this all changed during my last bonfire!  I simply opened a bag of StumpChunks poured them into my fire pit, then built up some firewood on top.  With a few strategically placed matches, I had a beautiful base fire going in a matter of minutes!product-largebag-200

I couldn’t believe how fast the fire started and what a great base it gave me to pile on the wood!  StumpChunks are all natural made from New England hardwood and softwood.  The creators of StumpChunks say this creates a “blast-furnace effect” which I have no idea what it means, I just now it started my fire faster than ever before!

Available at select stores and on-line the cost is roughly that of a pre-packaged fire log that never seemed to work for me.  Those “fire logs” always took too long to start as they are designed for a slow burn.  For now on, StumpChunks will be a permanent fixture at a Conrad bonfire.  Check them out on-line at!

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