Cleveland Golf Stubby

As the cold months take hold of New England, I have one goal over the winter, simply to become a better putter!  I typically out drive everyone in my foursome by about 20+ yards, but put me over a 3-foot putt and I am a mess!  2 putting every time I am on the green and I consider that a good round.  The problem is, I lack so much confidence on the green, I end up 3 putting and bogey the hole.

I was just introduced to the Cleveland Golf Stubby training club.  It is called the Stubby as this putting aide has a blade that is only a few square inches.  This club forces you to hit the sweet spot!  The nice thing about this club is it weighs the same as a standard putter.  I plan on spending a lot of time with the Stubby over the winter to build the confidence I need on the putting green.  If I can consistently hit solid putts with this club, I know I will have bladeaddimproved my putting stroke knowing I am hitting the sweet spot every time!

My next step will be to combine the Stubby with Cleveland Golf’s Smart Square Blade Putter, to take my training and incorporate it into my game.   As you can see, the Smart Blade Putter has the same design of the Stubby, so I know if I can hit the Stubby, I will hit the sweet spot on the Smart Blade Putter.

I am actually excited as I believe I can sneak in a few more rounds before the snow comes down.  I am confident come this time next year I will be a much better putter!

Cleveland Golf is well known for their wedges, but you really need to check out to see all the exciting new products they have to offer!  They truly have everything you need to make yourself a better golfer!

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