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Snow Joe Ultra 2 - high resThis time of year, I can’t get rid of the snow fast enough!  In New England we always have at least one snow storm in April to push SnowJoe1off the golf season a few more weeks.  I was never a big fan of electric powered anything until now.  For years I have been dragging my big heavy snow blower up 10 stairs to clear my deck.  I recently found the Snow Joe Ultra 18-IN 13 AMP Electric Snow Thrower.
This baby has the power I need to clear my deck and throw the snow far so one pass does the trick.  So much easier than dragging a 100lbs gas snow blower up the stairs!  I’ve tried other “electric shovels” and for the price, the Snow Joe FAR outweighs and out performs anything else I have tested.  I also LOVE the Snow Joe broom with ice scraper.  The other day I glance over and watched as my son tried to “shovel” off the snow on my car.  As I slipped and slid toward the car to stop him, he finally figured out this wasn’t a good idea.  I gave him the Snow Joe broom and the snow was off the car in an instant.   This “broom” pushes the snow off your car without damaging the paint!  It is strong, extends to 49 inches and makes cleaning your car a breeze.  Check out the some great products at
*****UPDATE MARCH 9, 2013****

snowjoeFrom what you might have seen, New Hampshire had another HUGE snow storm.  Let me tell you, I have a BIG ASS…….Deck!  The Snow Joe SJ620 just cleared off 18 inches of heavy wet snow!  I know it says 10 inch snow depth, but taking it slow and attacking the snow, the Snow Joe SJ620 just saved my back, a whole lot of time and may have just help cut a few inches of my big ass!  If you have a deck, go to and save yourself a lot of time and back breaking work!



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