Snow Joe iON

iON18SB_unit 2I have to apologize to my friends at Snow Joe! You see, we just had about 7 inches of snow here in NH.  This was the first time I have had to test out the Snow Joe iON lithium battery powered snow blower.  I am apologizing because as I was carrying this snow blower up to my desk I was not very optimistic that it would work!  As a matter of fact, I had my shovel in my other hand thinking I was going to need it quickly.

I snapped in the 40 volt lithium-iON battery, rotated the power chute and fired her up!  I IMG_0463was actually shocked when the Snow Joe iON started cutting through the snow!  I probably shouldn’t have been shocked, because I have seen the power of Snow Joe before.  If you recall, I have reviewed this brand last season (  This light weight snow blower was easy to carry up to my deck, and the battery had no problem outlasting 7 inches of snow on my 24×16 foot deck.

IMG_0457Now a few technical specifications.  The Snow Joe iOn weighs only 32 pounds.  It features a 180 degree auto-rotating chute and the steel auger helps throw the snow approximately 20 feet.  The specs say it will clear a path 18-inches wide up to 8 inches deep.  As you can see, I had no problem moving 7 inches of snow.  As with any snow blower, I only utilize half of the opening to ensure I get a good clean path and don’t need to go back to clean up any additional snow.  There is even a headlight for any late night snow blowing you maybe be called upon to do.

With 2 more feet of snow coming to New Hampshire this week, the Snow Joe iON isn’t IMG_0446going to be your primary snow blower.  However, with a big deck, an area around my hot tub, and a few other select locations, I know I will get plenty of use out of this Gotta Have Gadget!

With a variety of tools to help you power through the snow, check out my friends at Snow Joe on-line at


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