The Sharper Image Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller

width=168Sitting by the fire with that special someone enjoying a nice glass of wine can be very romantic.  You dont want to ruin that moment with wine that isnt properly chilled!  The Sharper Image® has the perfect product, the Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller.  Thats right; The Sharper Image is back!  Technically, they never went anywhere, but once the stores closed I thought they were gone.  I was ecstatic to see The Sharper Image® is on-line and still offer cool products that always drew me into the stores!  The Temperature Control Wine Chiller makes it easy to chill your wine to the proper temperature with over 70 preset wine varieties so with a simple selection your wine will reach the proper serving temperature.  If the moment should call for champagne, the wine chiller will chill your bubbly to the proper serving temperature too!  For all the coolest gadgets, the only place to shop is!

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