Samsung Mythic with AT&T Mobile TV Service!


Another great present for mothers or fathers day!  Does your mom or dad love to watch golf?  What do they do when they are not home?  With the Samsung Mythic, and AT&T Mobile TV service, they can watch sporting events or any of their favorite programs from CNBC, Comedy Central, ESPN Mobile, FOX, MTV, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and more!  The Samsung Mythic is all mom & dad will need from a smart phone and then some.They can download apps, check e-mail, send texts, play music, utilize AT&T navigation and heck it even makes phone calls. The touch screen makes it easy to navigate through your contacts or choosing your favorite app.  It was pretty cool watching the Boston Celtics while I was at a pretty boring town meeting the other night.  When switched to full screen mode, the picture is clear and didnt skip a beat.  I was watching four days solid of this years Masters Tournament!  The battery life was awesome!  While I was at my niece and nephews hockey game, I was getting updates from ESPN news!  Check it out at

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