RYOBI Phone Works

I receive a lot of products to review.  I often joke saying it is like Christmas at my house every week.  Well when the RYOBI Phone Work tools were delivered, I was like a kid on Christmas morning!  I couldn’t wait to open each tool and see how they work!

When it comes to tools and work around the house, I need all the help I can get!  As soon as I opened the package and looked at the instructions, I immediately downloaded the Phone Works Smartphone App.   This app is essential as it helps sync each one of these tools and lets you get the most out of each one.

Ryobi Phone Works App

Let’s step back for a second and tell you briefly about each one of the available Phone Works tools.  The first package I opened was the Wireless Inspection Scope.  Like the name says, it is a camera that reaches hard places.  I immediately used this on my bathroom tub.  I wanted to check the pipes as they were not draining properly.  Within seconds, I registered and synced the wireless scope with my iPhone.  The scope is equipped with a 3 foot flexible cable and ultra bright LED light.  Through the app, you can even snap photos that you could use if you needed parts or had questions.I simple slid the scope down the pipe, found the problem and fixed it within minutes.

Next is the Stud Finder.  The Stud Finder is not wireless, but it connects quickly through your headphone jack.  The app instantly recognized the Stud Finder once it was registered.  Being a guy, the first thing I did was put it to my chest and made the beeping noise!  Once I was done playing, I put it against the wall.  Pretty simple to operate, one of the cool features is there is a built-in one handed stud marker.  It makes it very easy to mark while using this tool.

Another cool tool is the Laser Distance Measurer.  How many times have you had to measure a distance slightly larger than your measuring tape will reach?  Simply  click on the app, point and you can record length, area, volume, indirect and continuous measurements.  It also includes a built in level for more accurate measurements.  You can take a snapshot of your measurements and keep in your photos for easy reference.

If you don’t need a laser distance measurer but want the laser level function, well Ryobi has a Phone Works Laser Level as well!  It’s important to note that each one of these tools has a handy mount to put on your phone to make these tools easy to use.  This laser level has a crosshair laser and works with the app on your smartphone to ensure you are level and project onto the wall.

Other Phone Works tools include a Laser Pointer, Infared Thermometer, Moisture Meter and to make sure you are not disturbed while working Noise Suppression Earphones! Check out their promotional video to see these in action!

Then check them out on the web at www.ryobitools.com/phoneworks!  Like me, I think you will be very happy that you did!!


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