RightWay Spotter GPS Navigator, Dale Jr. Edition

DaleNASCAR Fans, start your engine and hear Dale Earnhardt Jr. say, You drive, Ill ride shotgun!  The RightWay Spotter GPS Navigator, Dale Jr. Edition features Dale Earnhardt Jr.s voice which will navigate you through every turn you make.  Dale Jr. gave you the steering wheel and became your personal spotter to guide you turn by turn to your destination.  Dale Jr. also added some of his personal favorite destinations as points of interest (note to Dale Jr. you have to come up to New Hampshire more often!) so you can easily find NASCAR destinations or Dale Jrs favorite hang-outs.  Once the novelty of hearing Dale Jr. wears off, the RightWay Spotter is a very good beginner GPS.  This is the perfect GPS for someone to start with as there aren’t a lot of complicated features to overwhelm you.  There are some GPS units that require constant downloads, or yearly subscriptions that you need to be a rocket scientist to learn how to operate.  The RightWay Spotter is very easy to set-up, and Dale Jr. will be guiding you in no time.  I was very impressed with the recalculation should you miss a turn.  My previous GPS would tell me to make a legal u-turn for several minutes before it would recalculate.  The RightWay Spotter, Dale Jr. edition GPS quickly re-calculated the new route putting me back on track.  You can easily change if you want the GPS to calculate the shortest distance by time or mileage.  No offense to Dale Jr. fans, but he only lasted about a month as my spotter before I went to one of the other voices in the system.  Overall the RightWay Spotter GPS Navigator, Dale Jr. Edition was a step up from my older GPS unit and is a nice unit for any NASCAR fan looking for a way to get to the track.  The best feature is Dale Jr. will actually tell you to take a right turn instead of all left turns!  For more information on the RightWay Spotter GPS Navigator, Dale Jr. Edition visit them at www.rightwaygps.com.

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