Ride FUL Snowboard Boots

width=242Certainly you need the best board to hit the slopes, but just as important are the boots!  Ride FUL Snowboard Boots are just what you are looking for in a boot.  Comfort, style, support, lightweight and durable, makes the Ride FUL boots the perfect snowboard boot for this season.  SuperFabric and direct inject binding rub protection makes the Ride FUL tough and built to last.  Another nice feature is the sole of the boot which features a heel gelpod for impact support, and ice picks for better grip on the board.  The most important factor for a snowboard boot, of course is comfort.  The Ride FUL not only performs great, but gives you the comfort to ride all day.  To find a boot to match your riding style, give www.ridesnowboards.com/boots a good kick!

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