T-68 Socom Paintball Marker

If you are a paintball player, you have to visit www.rap4.com. Let me tell you I was never big into paintball until I started playing with my co-workers. There is no better feeling after a long week of work than hitting your boss in the ass with 10 or 15 paintballs. There are some pretty awesome markers (paintball guns) out there, but Real Action Paintball has some of the most realistic looking markers out there. I have found paintball and the gear can be as addicting as crack, and just as expensive, however when I walked onto the playing field with my Real Action T-68 Socom paintball marker heads turned. Ironically this looks like something right out of the Socom video game I play on my Sony PlayStation. This isnt your average marker, and certainly not for the yahoos who will shoot off 300 paintballs each round. When I play, I want to make every shot count. Instead of just shooting at the bunker, I wait until I have a clear shot, more sniper style. You can still use this marker if you want to blow through your paintballs with an optional 200 round hopper, but I get a kick out of the 18 round magazine just like the real deal. It even has a red dot snipe scope to make it even more realistic. This is about the closest I want to get to a battlefield, because here the worst thing that can happen is I get a big bruise for a week if I get shot. I cant imagine doing this for real! That is why whenever I see a real soldier I have to stop and say, Thank you! So if you are truly looking for real action, check out real action paintball!

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