PowerSkin iPhone 4S

Looking for some holiday swap gifts or some great stocking stuffers?  Do you know someone with a SmartPhone?  Of course you do, most 13 year old kids have one now.  What is the biggest complaint?  Battery power!   I have a PowerSkin for my iPhone and now I never have to worry about the battery.  I can surf the web all day, use the GPS for golf, make calls or check email and still have a full battery at the end of the day.  The PowerSkin is basically a protective case that has a second battery built into the case.  Find your PowerSkin at www.power-skin.com.

***UPDATED 2/7/13***

I wanted to give a shout out to the customer service team at Power-Skin.  I had an issue with the mini-USB connector which for some reason would not charge the battery.  With a quick e-mail the customer support team is replacing my power-skin!  In my humble opinion this kind of customer service is rarely seen!  All the more reason to visit www.power-skin.com!


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