Since I have recommended a lot of electronics, this next item fits perfectly!  If your kitchen counter looks anything like mine, you have cell phones, Blackberry, iPods and other items being charged and wires sticking up everywhere.  The Powermat allows you to charge multiple devices on one Powermat.  Once connected, simply place your device on the Powermat and you will have a full charge in no time.  The Powermat also works with various devices such as cell phones, GPS systems, Bluetooth headsets and more.  Simply visit www.powermat.com, type in what you need to charge, and the site will tell you exactly what you need to be up and running.  So for a gadget guy like me, the Powermat not only helps to organize the counter top, but has everything I need in one central location so when I leave the house I have all my gadgets fully charged and ready to go!

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