PowerBilt Air Force One DFX

Since 1916 PowerBilt has been manufacturing golf clubs!  I’ll be honest, I sometimes forget they have been around that long!  However, with that kind of history, PowerBilt continues to evolve with the game and has put a new driver in my bag!  Now for those of you who know me, I am very particular when it comes to drivers!  The PowerBilt Air Force One DFX is powered by Nitrogen technology making the ball explode off this driver.  Nitrogen technology provides face stability without added weight to the driver.  Don’t be fooled thinking you need to spend $500+ on a driver to get distance and control.  At less than $300 the Air Force One DFX gives me everything I need from a driver and more.  Available with a variety of custom shafts (at a cost) you can customize your driver to your specifications.  So before you reach for one of the “big named” or “expensive” driver, check out the 2014 PoweBilt Air Force One DFX, you just maybe surprised!  http://powerbilt.com/air_force_one.php

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