Polk Audio SurroundBar SDA Instant Home Theater

polkThere will be a bunch of people who get a new High Definition Television for a gift.  What these people will soon realize is picture quality is only half the need for a great viewing experience.  Then they will start to look into expensive 7.1 surround sound systems that are not only costly but nearly impossible to hide all the wires around your living room.  Well for great audio; look no further than the Polk Audio SurroundBar® SDA® Instant Home Theater.  Im torn in picking out its best feature.  Great sound that fills the room has to be the best feature right?  Or is it the ease of setting up this self contained system with wireless subwoofer that can be up and running within minutes, or is it the price?  It all comes back to the great sound of this little bar.  The best compliment I can give the Polk Audio SurroundBar® SDA® Instant Home Theatre happened the other day.  While getting ready for the big game, I had three different people tell me my TV sounds so much better than theirs.  I had to explain to them that TV manufacturers are trying to make HDTVs so small now they are cutting and sacrificing when it comes to sound.  I had to point out the SurroundBar as it blends in so nicely with my system.  They, like me, were in shock when they heard the Polk Audio SDA® Surround Sound.  I could go into all the technical details of why this sounds so great, but it would be better said from the audio gurus at Polk Audio.  To get a sense of how this system works, visit www.polkaudio.com.  If you dont understand all the technical aspects, I can tell you with movies or playing a game on your Xbox360, you will be hard pressed to find better audio.


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