Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick/Studio 12 Plus


Something I enjoy almost as much as golf is video production.I actually graduated from college with a degree in video production and worked in the video industry for some 15+ years.So when it comes to video products I tend to be a little pickier than most people.A few products that I really enjoy come from Pinnacle.The first is the Pinnacle PCTV HD Pro Stick.The PCTV HD Pro Stick is a USB TV Tuner for your PC.What most people dont realize is the best high definition signal you can get for your television is FREE.You dont need cable or satellite.Remember those old rabbit ear antennas prior to cable?That antenna can get you crisp uncompressed high definition video.The PCTV HD Pro Stick can accept signals from an antenna or cable.I remember watching NASCAR on my tv and the Ryder Cup in high definition on my pc through the PCTV HD Pro Stick.Its as easy to set-up as a cable box and before you know it you are watching crisp HD video on your PC.

I also enjoy editing my own videos and creating personal DVDs. The Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus editing software is extremely easy to use. Everyone has that one Uncle or Aunt who always has the video camera at special events. The Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus editing software would be the perfect gift for them. Features are easy to use for the beginner to the seasoned pro. After you edit your videos, you can use existing DVD menus to add that final personalized touch. Ask my nephew Kailen Richards about how cool it is to have your own DVD. I edited together his football game, and mixed in photos to music with a menu with his name in a very short time. There arent too many smiles bigger than a 5-year old watching himself on TV. Of course I created a monster, as my wife now wants me to take all our old family videos and put them onto DVDs. Well thanks to the Pinnacle Studio 12 Plus editing software it should be relatively easy. Check out all the cool video products Pinnacle has to offer at

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