Philips Prestigo Remote Control


This time of year not only brings in the holidays, but some great TV as well.  You have the FedEx Cup, NASCAR, NFL, NHL and a variety of programming.  To keep up with all that is going on, you need a universal remote that is easy to use and can stand up to the constant clicking! I have had several universal remotes; however there was always one device that just wouldn’t communicate with the remote.  The Philips Prestigo SRT9320 universal remote control is the first remote I have had that completely controls my DirecTV receiver, DVD/VHS combo unit and my surround sound system!  The nice thing about the Philips Prestigo is it was extremely easy to program all these devices, and is a breeze to use.  There is no need to try to remember which channel is ESPN or the Golf Channel, as once the Prestigo is programmed, you can use the channel logos that show up on the digital screen to select the channel you like.  It is a lot easier to look down and see the Golf Channel logo, click and you are watching in no time.  You can also set-up activities such as watch a movie that will turn on the DVD player, television and surround system with all the proper settings for optimal viewing!  It doesn’t matter who you are shopping for has products for everyone!  Philips offers great electric shavers for mens grooming, products for new moms, Spa-at-home products for her as well as their signature consumer electronics products such as HDTVs, Blu-Ray DVD players, MP3 Players, home theatre systems and anything else you need!  Philips Electronics is truly one stop shopping for all your household needs.

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