Orb MP-1


The Orb MP-1 is something every music lover needs.  Are you tired of lugging around speakers, or hooking your iPod up to your stereo?  I know I am! I want to control all my music and not be limited to where my iTouch or Android is located.  Simply hook up the Orb MP-1 to your stereo system, and you can control all the media from your computer with the Orb Controller for your iPod, iPhone or Android and free Orb Caster on your computer Windows or Mac.

You can connect multiple Orb MP-1s to all your stereos or speakers, then control which sound system you want to use through your iPod.  Connect one by the pool, one on the deck, one in your office and one in your living room.  Then you have your favorite music wherever you go in the house. Access your iTunes library, Sirius/XM services or even Internet Radio like Pandora. To see all the Orb MP-1 can do, head over to www.orb.com.


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