Orange Whip Golf Trainer

Orange whip?  Orange whip? Three orange whips!  That is one of my favorite lines from the movie “The Blues Brothers”.  Well after swinging the Orange Whip Trainer, you may want one too!

I view the Orange Whip as not only a trainer, but a great warm up piece to my golf game.  One thing I see in golfers who struggle with their game is the lack of balance.  The Orange Whip Golf Trainer will not only train your core muscles for a proper swing, if your swing is out of sync you will lose your balance or the swing will feel awkward.  Most new golfers have no idea how bad their swing is, because the only feedback you get is a poor shot.  Once you start swinging the Orange Whip, you will feel where your swing is off.  In addition to balance, the weighted orange ball at the end of the club will help you build a smooth tempo which is key to a good golf swing.

When used regularly, the Orange Whip can help golfers improve strength, flexibility, coordination and tempo.  The cool thing is with this trainer, you never hit a golf ball.  I can’t tell you how many golf training aides I have seen on the driving range which does nothing but frustrate the person as they are not hitting the ideal shot.  The Orange Whip trainer forces you to work on your swing.  Once you find your ideal tempo and groove, you will be amazed when you hit the range or course.

After I trained with the Orange Whip for a few weeks, I put it in my trunk so it will be there before every round I play.  I take it out and warm up with it before I tee off.  I find this helps me concentrate on my swing.  The last thought I have before I tee up is, “trust your swing”.  Once you can have that trust in your swing, you will find you’re not thinking about hitting bad shots, so you don’t hit them!

If you want to see the Orange Whip Trainer in action, check out their website at  Now is the perfect time to buy as winter is coming and you can work on your swing for a few months before next season!

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