I'm proud to be a #NSNationBlogger. Click here to start your weight loss journey!October 2, 2014

Weight 182.5 (-32.5 pounds)

More and more people everyday have told me I look great!  That is such a good feeling!  Although I have gone into “maintenance mode” I am still 32.5losing weight!  The secret is clearly diet and exercise!  I proudly tell people Nutrisystems put me on the right path and has played the biggest role in my weight loss!  I am only 5 pounds away from being “normal” on the BMI chart!  I don’t pay a lot of attention to the BMI chart, but it gives me another goal to go after and crush!

I know a lot of people have questions about Nutrisystem and what you can and can’t do!  All I can tell you is what I have done to be so successful.  If you would like to ask me a question, send me an e-mail to  I would be more than happy to help you decide if Nutrisystem is right for you!


September 18, 2014

Weight 184.0 (-31 pounds)

I still cannot believe I have lost over 30 pounds.  Looking back to before I started Nutrisystems, if someone told me 3 months later I would lose over 30 pounds and wake up to run at 4:30am, I would have called them crazy!

In preparation to stop the Nutrisystem prepackaged plan, I am approaching my meals a little different to see what kind of effects they will have on my weight.  For example, two days this week, I ate only the breakfast and lunch, and had dinner at a restaurant.  So there is a good chance I should have been under 184 pounds but I want to end on a high note with a plan to keep the weight off.

The most rewarding thing I have found about blogging and my weight loss progress is I know I have helped other people.  After seeing my early success, my wife signed up and has lost almost 20 pounds.  I know other people have signed up as well, and I hope they have the success we have seen.

The hardest part is making the decision to lose weight and sticking to your commitment.  If you go into this program half assed on your commitment, my guess is you will quit soon after you start.  You need to look at this as a long term commitment and not a quick fix.  It was easy for me, because I reached a point I was sick and tired of being fat!  I wasn’t happy with the man I saw in the mirror, and I knew if I wasn’t happy with that guy, there was a chance my wife wouldn’t be happy with him either.  I did this for her and for me!  Visit nutrisystem on-line today to see if this is right for you!  I’m certainly glad I did!!



September 11, 2014

Weight 184.5 (-30.5 pounds)

Well I have broken the 30 pound mark!!  As I have talked about, these last 10 pounds will be the 30 pounds!!!toughest to lose.  Looking at the big picture, I am far healthier when I started this journey and I am far more active as well.  I am running about 4.5 miles per day and it makes a HUGE difference.

I am starting to think long term and looking for workout machines or videos for when it starts to get cold in New Hampshire!  I have already been out running in 45 degree weather and everyone is predicting a very cold New England winter!

I am always open to new gadgets to help me along this journey.  If you have weight loss or workout suggestions feel free to e-mail me at

Today is a BIG day, down 30 pounds, time for a celebration!!


August 28, 2014

Weight 186 (-29 pounds)

I’ve hit a plateau but that is OK!  I know there are going to be times when I don’t lose weight and I will not get frustrated!  I know these last 10 pounds are going to be the toughest to lose.

However there was some GREAT news this week!  As I come closer to turning 50 I realized my life insurance is about to lapse.  So I need to reapply which means I need to have blood and urine tests done!

Well the results are in! In addition to losing close to 30 pounds, these numbers are just as Cholesterol 300x182 Nutrisystem 90 day challengeimportant!

Total Cholesterol 194 (down from 204)
HDL 54 (up from 38 which is good)
LDL 120 (down from 133)
Cholesterol/HDL Ration 3.6 (down from 5.4)
Triglycerides 97 (down from 250!!)

All the results are now in the GREEN category which is within proper ranges!!  If I had done this blood test a few months ago, there would have been red and yellow warning flags everywhere!  To me this is FAR MORE important than losing the weight!

I am back to running over 4 miles a day and I am feeling great!  Getting these test results back is just another example of how I have made a major change in my life and my hard work is paying off!  My next goal is just a few small BMI points away.  I am on the line between over weight and normal.  When I started I was well into the obese category.  The next big win for me will be to get into that normal BMI range!  Stay tuned!!


August 21, 2014

Weight 186.5 (-28.5 pounds)

I knew these last 10 pounds would be the hardest to lose.  There are several reasons why.  First, I hit my goal of losing 25 pounds so I’m not as strict as I was with the Nutrisystem program.  I know if I want to get under 180 pounds, I am going to have to stay focused.  Secondly, I feel like my body has adjusted to the program and doesn’t crave or need the added calories and food I had to have when I was my heaviest.  Lastly, I think mentally I am content where I am at so it is a little more difficult for me to push my limits.  However, I don’t feel as deflated when the scale shows only a small loss.

The good news is, this is the first week in a few weeks I have been able to run consecutive days.  I had a few non-diet related injuries I was dealing with.  I’m back to about 98% so I should be able to kick up my exercise once again.

I have to realize that weight loss and good health is a journey and not a destination.  I will always have to work to stay in shape and healthy.  To be under 180 pounds, I have to be in the mindset that I am not done when I get there, it is really still the beginning of a long journey.  To start your journey today, click on the link above!  It’s your first step in a long journey.


August 14, 2014

Weight 187 (-28 pounds)

I’ve been away for two weeks, gained a pound, and couldn’t be happier!!  I know what you are 187thinking, “you gained a pound over two weeks and you are happy?”  Well, yes I am!!  You see, I went on a 10 day vacation to Disney World and I ate like a pig, and drank like a fish!  Upon return from my trip, I had actually gained about 8 pounds, but worked hard over the last few days to work that off!

I had to overcome a few injuries along the way.  You see, my plan was to continue to run while I was on vacation to fight off the Disney Dining Plan!  Well, after my first run in FLA, my ankle ballooned and I was limping for a few days.  Once I felt better I took surfing lessons and ended up bruising my ribs.  I was in some pretty good pain.

Today I was able to get back on the pavement.  It was tough where I was up to running over 4 miles, and today I had to take a break after just 2 miles!  The nice thing is, my next 30 day supply of Nutrisystems just showed up at the door yesterday.  My ultimate goal now is to lose another 10+ pounds and get down to 175 pounds.  I think I am on track to do that before the cold winter months of New Hampshire comes around!

My goal in the next two weeks is to be under 185 pounds, we’ll see how it goes!!  Want to join me on my journey?  Check out


July 24, 2014

Weight 186 (-29 pounds)

Well I am just 7 short days away from the end of my 90 day challenge!  I can honestly say I have never been happier with a diet and exercise program.  I am exactly where I wanted to be before I leave for my Disney vacation!Before-After

Now for some exciting news!!  I am so happy with this program and my results, I signed up for another 30 days!  Let’s face it, I am going on vacation and know I will put on a few pounds while I am away.  By signing up for another 30 days, I hope to lose the weight I gain on vacation and then drop from the “overweight” category on the BMI scale to “normal”!  For that to happen I have to be down around 178 pounds!  My ultimate goal is to be around 175 pounds, continue my running and eventually finish at least a 5K run, possibly a 10K run.

I know several people who have started on this plan because of my blogs.  I wish you the same success I have had.  Stick with it!!  I know if I can do this, anyone can!!


July 17, 2014

Weight 187 (-28 pounds)

With two weeks left in my 90 day challenge, I’m starting to focus on coming off the program.  I28 pounds have a 10 day vacation right after my 90 days end, so I don’t want to be in a position where I put on a lot of weight during that vacation.  The good thing is, I think I have enough “left over” meals to give me a solid week back on Nutrisystem after my vacation.  These “left over” meals are times where I went out to eat, or maybe was at a cookout rather than eating the prepared meals.  I am now running over 3 miles per day in addition to my lunchtime walks.  I think this is key as I am burning over 800 calories per day in exercise.  I am debating if I want to keep running while on vacation!  76 days ago, I wouldn’t even think of running!  Thanks to Nutrisystem, I am now waking up early in the morning and getting my exercise.  I am down 28 pounds and I couldn’t be happier.  Since I have started, I know of at least 2 other people who have joined me with a Nutrisystem program.  I hope they have the same success I have had!  Join me today by clicking on the #NSNation Blogger link above!


July 10, 2014

Weight 189.5 (-25.5 pounds)photo (3)

GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!  And that has nothing to do with the world cup!

This was one of the craziest weeks since I have been on Nutrisystems.  Of course that is all my fault.  It was 4th of July weekend, so I actually had 2 cookouts and a Happy Hour to go to over the weekend.  With that being said, I jumped off the diet and ended up gaining several pounds over the weekend through a few hamburgers and hot dogs, not to mention a beverage or two!

After a weekend like that, I knew I needed to kick it up a notch, so I set my alarm clock back 1 hour and started to run in the morning.  I run a little over 2 miles each morning and still try to walk anywhere between 3 and 5 miles during lunch.

GoalSo running is a HUGE accomplishment for me, but returning to my opening line, I have reached my goal of losing 25 pounds before my Disney trip at the end of the month!  I am now under 190 pounds which I haven’t been for 10+ years!  The great thing is, I have 21 more days to go before I leave!  I know I will put on some weight when I am on vacation, so I would love to drop a few more pounds.

When I started this program, I thought it would be impossible to get back under 190 pounds.  I can’t tell you how excited I was when I got on the scale today.

I’m still not comfortable sharing pictures with my shirt off (sorry ladies) LOL, but I wanted to post a picture of the new me!


July 3, 2014

Weight 191.5 (-23.5 pounds)191

After a difficult plateau week last week, I am back on track and extremely close to my original goal of losing 25 pounds!  I am in the final month of my 90 day challenge and I am feeling GREAT!  For the first time in a VERY long time, I actually went out jogging.  I have been walking 5 miles almost every day, but thought I would kick it up a notch.  I ran a little over 2 miles and averaged under 9:50 per mile.  That is a HUGE accomplishment as I honestly think it has been over 10 years since I jogged on anything other than a treadmill.

One question I keep getting asked is, “Am I tired of the food?”  I am actually not!  I think there is such a wide variety of food to choose from, I mix it up almost every week.

I have tried to post once every week, I may slip in a new post when I finally hit that goal of 25 pounds!!


June 26, 2014

Weight 194 (-21 pounds)

Well I knew this day was coming, it seems I’ve hit a plateau!  I know it’s not officially a plateau21 pounds until I go a few weeks without losing weight, I just hope it doesn’t go that long.  It seems everything I did over the last week had no effect over my weight.  I’ve been walking about 5 miles per day and worked outside all weekend and nothing, zip, nada!  So instead of being happy with no weight loss, I gave into my weakness and went out to dinner last night!  I ate, and ate big!  So I am actually happy I only gained 1 pound from last week.  During the week I was down to 192.5 pounds so I officially had a gain of 1.5 pounds.

Overall being down 21 pounds is simply awesome!  I feel much better about myself than I did when I started this journey.  I have to realize that this is a journey and not a destination.  I remember seeing a sign like that about 8 years ago when I was in a gym and it has stuck to this day.  This is more than just a 90 day destination, it is a journey to keep the weight off and continue to get in shape!

Start your journey today!  Join me at 


June 19, 2014

Weight 193 (-22 pounds)

With 6 weeks to go on my 90 day journey, I am confident I will hit my original goal of losing 25 pounds.  I have 7 pounds to go!  I am hoping I can lose a total of 30 pounds and finish my Fat Bastard90 days at 180 pounds!

I want to take you back to why I started this diet and my journey to feel better about myself.  To the right you will see the picture that made this all happen.  My son had given me an Elvis wig as a joke for Christmas and my wife snapped this picture.  She posted it on Facebook and all of a sudden I took a close look.  All I could think of was the character from Austin Powers “Fat Bastard”!  I mean honestly, look at all those chins!

At my highest point I was close to 220 pounds.  I tried dieting by myself and only lost a few pounds.  I know I needed more help.  A structured program like Nutrisystem seemed perfect for me and I will have to say I was right!

I’m starting to debate now if I should go on a maintenance plan after the 90 days or continue with the program to get out of the “over weight” category on the BMI chart.

If you are starting to wonder if Nutrisystem is for you, start here: I’m glad I did!


June 12, 2014

Weight 196 (-19 pounds)

As I creep closer to my original goal of 190 pounds, I am now more confident as ever that I will be able to meet and beat that goal!

A huge step happened last night.  I had to go buy a new belt!  I know that doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment, however a few months ago I was at the second loop of the belt and that19 pounds was getting tight.  This week, I was down to the 6th and final loop on the belt and it was LOOSE!  I dropped from a 38″ belt to a 36″ belt.  I’m about 3 inches into this belt and would LOVE to have to buy another one.  I haven’t fit into size 34 pants in about 15 years.  That is actually is a new goal of mine.  I know I have a few pairs of 34 pants on the top of my shelf, with 49 days to go before my Disney trip, I would love to be able to fit into those shorts!

I don’t put a lot of stock into BMI.  I think the chart basically has everyone without 1% body fat as overweight!  I did know I had two options, grow by 2 feet or lose some weight.  At 49, I’m pretty sure I am done growing so I knew it was time to lose weight.

I challenge everyone right now to find a 20 pound weight.  Find anything that weighs 20 pounds and pick it up!  That is pretty much how much weight I have lost!  49 days to go for my Disney trip and although I will still be self conscious when I go to the pool, I know it won’t be as bad as it was just 6 weeks ago!


June 5, 2014

Weight 198 (-17 pounds)

I will have to say I am at the point where I am amazed every time I step on the scale.  After -17 poundsmy first full month being down 17 pounds is incredible.

I do think the next 10 pounds will be hard to lose.  I find myself cheating a little more here and there with all that goes on during the summer.  I know, I’m weak but I try to exercise a little more on days that I go off the program.

I’ve talked about the food and how easy the plan is, so I am going to talk a little bit about how I feel!  I feel GREAT!  The one thing I didn’t do at the start of all this was measure my waist.  I will tell you my pants fit much better and I am dropping loops in my belt as well! My wife continues to mention how my stomach is looking better and better.  I also had a few “tight shirts” that found their way to the back of my closet make a return to the front of my closet!  I am tucking my shirt in more as I’m not as embarrassed by my big gut!

I know I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel better and better each day.  With my 90 day challenge I have about 54 days remaining.  I am confident that I can hit my original goal of 190 pounds and hope that I can go much lower into the 185 pound range.



May 29, 2014

Weight 200.5 (-14.5 pounds)photo (3)

Last week I lost 1/2 a pound and I couldn’t be happier!!  Now I know what you are saying, “Mike you lost 7 pounds in a week and you are happy about losing 1/2 pound?”  Yes I am!

Basically with Memorial Day weekend it was me against willpower and unfortunately, I kicked willpower’s ass.  Which means I went way off the plan for a few days and had plenty of hamburgers, and other long weekend food.  I tried to keep track of what I was eating through the NuMi app so I didn’t gain too much weight back.  I was very pleased when I weighed myself today and actually lost something!

Now for the exciting part!  I am getting ready to receive my next 28 days of Nutrisystem food.  I was able to customize my package based on my first month’s pre-packaged selection.  Now as I mentioned below, I am a very picky eater, so out when anything with mushrooms and carrots and in went meals I enjoyed over the past month.

By customizing my next 28 days I am confident I can reach 190 pounds by the end of June and it would be awesome if I could hit 185 pounds by the end of my 90 day challenge!



May 22, 2014

Weight 201 lbs (-14 pounds)Weight Loss

I will have to say, I am pretty excited!  Down 14 pounds, people are starting to notice!  While getting dress the other day, my wife said, “I can see you are losing your belly!”  That certainly made my day and is giving me the strength to continue to move forward!

This was a difficult week because last weekend, we had my wife’s 25th college reunion.  Combine that with Friday Happy Hour and Wine Down Wednesday at our favorite restaurant this week was a challenge.

I will have to say, the Nutrisystem’s NuMi app really helped me out.  It is so easy to see my daily calorie intake at anytime during the day, I know exactly what I can have and can’t have to continue my weight loss success!

I am coming down to the last few packages in my first 30 day pre-packaged meals.  I will say, I pushed a few to the back because they weren’t to my liking.  Not to fear, you have the ability to select your meals and customize your plan.  I am looking forward to do that for my next shipment.  It wasn’t that the food didn’t look good, I just don’t like Mushrooms or Carrots.

I am continuing to walk during lunch averaging between 3-5 miles per day.  It really depends on how much time I have as for how long I can walk.  With this exercise, I can have an additional 300-500 calories per day if I want.  That is always a plus.

Being 3 weeks into the program I can honestly say there are very few times I am hungry.  It is my hopes that in my blog next week I will be under 200 pounds for the first time in a very long time!



May 15, 2014

Weight 205 lbs (-10 pounds)Down 10

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about losing 10 pounds in 15 days!  I am extremely excited about where I will be after my 90 day challenge is over.  I am honestly thinking I have to re-look at my goal weight as I feel 185 would be realistic.

I have added walking during lunch to my routine.  I am a fast walker so I walk around the City of Boston (which is a great walking city) and vary from a 3 mile to 5 mile walk depending on how much time I have surrounding lunch time.

As far as the meals are concerned, I am shocked at how easy this program is and how I have reacted to the food selection.  As I have mentioned before, I am an extremely picky eater, so I added broadening my palate as one of my goals and it has seemed to help.  Instead of vegetables, I am substituting fruit (bananas and pineapple) and adding a big salad with my dinner.

A few questions I have been asked include can you drink coffee and/or alcohol on this program.  I see this asked a lot in the Nutrisystem forums and a quick google search can give you a variety of answers.  My experience is that I still have my morning coffee (which is a BIG cup), with Fat-Free cream (or less regular cream if I am out of Fat-Free), however I have cut back to one cup per day.  I used to drink at least three cups per day so it wasn’t a huge change for me.  As far as alcohol you have to be smart about it.  I would say no to beer, but I do have a few Captain Morgan’s and Diet Cokes from time to time.  When I say be smart about it, if you are out it is very easy to get drawn in to order appetizers or other food after a few drinks.

I am using the Nutrisystem’s NuMi app which helps me track daily calorie intake.  It is really easy as I just scan a bar code, put in my serving and it calculates out how many calories I have just had.  I log my daily water, meals and exercise.  At the end of the night if I have a few hundred calories remaining, that is when I might have a glass of wine or a drink.

I consider myself a pretty average guy.  If I can keep to this plan without starving, I believe anyone can.  It has been that easy and the results are obviously showing!  76 days left, please bookmark this page to continue to follow my progress!


May 8, 2014

Weight 208 lbs (-7 pounds)

A loss of 7 pounds in the first week sounds awesome.  I would have to say it is a direct result of the Nutrisystem Fast Five program.  This is a countdownprogram specially designed to lose 5 pounds and jump start your weight loss.  Obviously if you start on a good note you are more prone to continue to move forward.

I am guessing this will be my hardest week.  The fast five program is geared around specific prepared meals.  In addition to these meals, you can add several servings of vegetables.  As I mentioned below I am not a big fan of vegetables, so there were times where I felt hungry, however that was my own doing.

I was a little worried about the prepared meals.  Being a picky eater, I thought I would struggle with these meals.  I honestly thought the taste would turn me off enough that I may quit early.  To my surprise and probably the surprise to my wife, I ate every meal.

There was a few times I strayed from the plan, however losing 7 pounds I believe I made the correct choices.  I had a business meeting in Boston where dinner was involved.  The great thing about choosing Nutrisystems is there is a lot of support when you are on their programs.  Via the website and message boards, any answers I had were available with a quick search and helped me make the right choices!

Moving forward, I don’t anticipate such a dramatic loss.  The plan moving forward is designed to help me lose 1-2 pounds a week.  That is my goal as I know that is the healthy and proper way to diet.

Please bookmark this page so you can follow my progress!



May 1, 2014

Today I start my 90 day journey to weight loss with the help of Nutrisystems.  I have wanted to lose weight for a long time and like a lot of people I am using an event to help motivate me.  In 91 days I’ll be on vacation and hope to look a lot better when I am sitting poolside at 91 daysDisney’s Boardwalk Resort.

I will be blogging weekly about my progress and my thoughts.

Today I weighed in at 215 pounds.  I have set a lofty goal of losing 25 pounds.  I’m not sure if Nutrisystems can get me there, but I will be pretty darn happy if I can get under 190 pounds.

I selected the Men’s My Way program with the prepared food selection.  I do see some challenges as I am a very picky eater.  In addition to being picky, I don’t eat a lot of vegetables.  On this program vegetables are a vital part of the diet, so that is an obstacle I will have to overcome quickly.  Another challenge will be the Boston Bruins Playoff run.  I will need to watch my beer intake during games, and if I go to games will I be tempted by all the junk food there.

Two hours into the program I am still on track…LOL.  Join me here by following this page to see my progress.  Here’s to a slimmer me!!


I am creating this page so you can follow my journey with Nutrisystems starting on May 1st. I am participating in the NSNations blogging program. Starting on May 1st, I will be posting updates on my weight loss as I am looking to slim down prior to my Disney vacation. Please bookmark this page as I hope you will follow my journey and offer support. If you would like to join me in my quest, feel free to click the link above!


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