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As you have seen on this blog, I have been asked to be part of the NSNation bloggers to take part in a weight loss challenge. You can follow my progress here  I also asked people to join me to lose weight and become more healthy.

Well if you don’t think a pre-packaged food plan is for you, Nutrisystems has developed a new app to help you lose weight.  I don’t typically post things before testing myself, however this was just announced and I think is a big break through to help people lose weight.

***The following is from a Nutrisystems press release!  I will provide additional feedback after I test this app***

Nutrisystem, Inc., a leading provider of weight management products and services, announced today the launch of NuMi™ by Nutrisystem, a flexible, new digital weight loss system for the do-it-yourself dieter as well as dieters transitioning from a structured meal plan or looking for a post-diet weight maintenance program. Backed by over 40 years of weight loss expertise combined with cutting-edge technology, NuMi™ offers an interactive solution for the nutritional, emotional and physical components of a weight loss journey.

NuMi — How It Works:

The NuMi™ digital weight loss system is designed to take real life into account on the journey to lose weight. It’s not focused on any particular nutrient, ingredient or food group. It’s focused on an individual’s weight loss goals and changing needs. With NuMi, Nutrisystem is pioneering a new approach to lose weight, the company calls“Responsive Dieting.” Responsive Dieting is adaptive to an individual’s food preferences, lifestyle, metabolism, activity level and weight loss goals. NuMi provides:

  • Behavior modification: NuMi’s patent pending behavior modification system, tracks everyday moments that affect weight loss, including “Victories,” “Wobbles” and “Slip-ups,” and provides real time insights and guidance throughout the weight loss journey;
  • One-on-one real time mentoring: On demand live chat with the NuMi™ squad, a dedicated coaching team available 7-days a week, who motivate, listen and provide weight loss advice all in real time
  • Personalization:  NuMi’s weight loss system personalizes and adjusts daily calorie goals based on a user’s overall goals and lifestyle;
  • Solutions for eating out:  Eat out menu recommendations at over 300 restaurants/chains;
  • Solutions for eating in: More than 12,000 expertly curated and nutritionist reviewed eat in recommendations;
  • Activity suggestions: Over 200 every day activity suggestions based on lifestyle, location and time;
  • Integration with fitness devices: Integration with a variety of activity trackers and wifi scales automatically uploaded into a user’s NuMi™ weight loss plan.

NuMi can be used on a desktop or smartphone with seamless synching. It is available for download in the iTunes App Store now and will be coming to the Google Play Store soon. To learn more about NuMi, visit on the web or mobile device.


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