Nike Victory Red Irons

victory-irons-btyThe ultimate gift for any golfer is a new set of irons. Although you may not play like Tiger Woods, you can play the same irons as he does. The Nike Victory Red (VR) Irons hit the shelves on November 1st and will surely be on holiday lists around the world. The first time I hit these irons, I could feel my confidence build with every swing. Believe me I gave these irons every lie imaginable during my test round. Of course you get a good solid feel from the fairway, but you all know with my go big or go home attitude I am not going to be in the fairway all the time. These irons were true from the short rough, long rough and even out of the pine needles of the woods. Even on off center hits, I carried the distance I needed to avoid further trouble. Tiger maybe hitting them from the fairway often, so I took it upon myself to test these from every lie the average golfer will find. Time and time again the Nike Victory Red (VR) Irons gave me solid contact, great feel but more importantly the confidence needed to know no matter what the situation, I could recover and make par or better. Nike offers three different versions of the Victory Red irons for every level of golfer. The Victory Red Full Cavity, Forged Split Cavity or Forged TW Blade will surely benefit every level of golfer. For the perfect gift for any golfer visit

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