Nike Slingshot 4D Junior Irons

width=270The problem with most high school students or teens who want to improve their game is they are probably using hand me down clubs from Dad or found a set at a yard sale.  This can be a problem as the clubs can be too long for someone who is still growing, or using beginners set where the flex of the shaft is great for beginners, but not young adults trying to make the high school team.  Nike Golf offers a great set of irons geared toward the growing teen, called the Nike Slingshot 4D Junior Irons.  These clubs are slightly shorter than standard clubs, and offer more forgiveness for beginning golfers.  This will allow younger golfers to learn the feel of a good swing, and still get good distance from miss hits.  The set includes 4-AW, which allows for a hybrid to replace the lower irons.  These clubs are moderately priced, which makes them a very affordable last minute score!  Check out the full specs at

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