New York Streets Hair Products

hairNow if someone had approached me to use hair product a year ago I would have laughed!  I typically keep my hair very short.  However since I signed up for the Kids Cancer Buzz Off, I have not cut my hair since January 29, and won’t cut it until the event on June 8th ( !

The good news for my friends at New York Streets is the picture you are seeing here is BEFORE I used their product.  As you can see by not cutting my hair it has become a mess.  This is when I turned to New York Streets “Grid Lock”.  Now the last time I used anything in my hair it was called “Gel!”  Ya I know, it probably was in the ’80s.

So looking like hell, I had to do something.  It was perfect timing when I received an e-mail from New Your Streets to try their new product.  A simple squeeze of “Grid Lock” and my hair is easily held in place and looking good.  It has been windy as hell here in Boston, and after a nice long walk around the city I still look damn good.

Being a Boston guy, it kills me to recommend anything with the words “New York” in the title, but “Grid Lock” by New York Streets has really saved me from looking totally ridiculous!

New York Streets makes all sorts of products to help you look your best.  Products include shampoo, conditioners, hair repair and everything you might need for the top of your head!  My only question becomes after the Kids Cancer Buzz-Off do they have anything to shine my bald head??  Check out everything New York Streets has to offer at

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