Let’s face it, mosquitoes are a pain in the ass!  It doesn’t matter if you are fishing, at a cookout, bonfire or golfing, no one wants to be pestered by mosquitoes.  Now, you could get that mosquito spray and that keeps them and most people away from you because you smell horrible, or you can do what I do, use the Mosquitno BandZzz!  Mosquitno is a deet free, all natural, non-toxic mosquito repellent!  On their website they have several options between bands and stickers (which they call SpotZzz), however I want to specifically talk about the BandZzz.  As you know, I am a big fisherman and golfer, so I am always up against mosquitoes.  I found the BandZzz to be a very effective, non-smelly way to keep them away!  Available in both adult and kids sizes, I am far more comfortable slipping on a wristband than having my kids close their eyes and mouth while I cover them in spray!  Simple slide on the wristband and forget about the bugs!  They last up to 6 days and come with a resealable package to keep them fresh! The bands are waterproof, so I don’t have to worry when I lean down to pull out that big bass I just caught!  I have worn a few wristbands in support of one cause or another, so after I put it on, I completely forgot about it.  It was only until others started getting bit that I realized there were no bugs around me.  You have to order these products on line, and there was a back order last time I checked (until July 10th), so make sure you visit and get your order in today!

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