Margaritaville Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker


I’ll admit it, when it comes to frozen drinks, I suck at making them.  The blender never seems to chop the ice just right, or the beverage to ice ratio is off.  But the folks at Margaritaville® have made me a better bartender with their ultimate Margaritaville® Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker®.  I hesitated calling it a frozen concoction maker, however, there is no way I can call this a blender.  Where do I start?  First of all, this runs off a heavy duty 18-volt NiCd battery, shaving ice and perfectly blending ingredients to create up to 60 restaurant quality frozen drinks on a single charge.  Plus, its rugged, portable design makes it easy to take pool side, out on a boat, tailgating, you name the place, you can bring it!  This is how easy it is to make your favorite frozen beverage.  First, place the ice in the top ice holder.  Second, mix your favorite beverage in the shatter proof pitcher, then select if you want 1, 2 or 3 glasses.  Hit the button and the Margaritaville® Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker® does all the work for you.  Its powerful, easy to use and so far I have yet to out drink the battery!  This is a gadget that I have been personally testing every weekend this summer… and its paradise unplugged!  To check out all the details, visit!

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