Loudmouth Golf Clothing


If you are a fan of John Daly, you have probably seen his clothing style.  I have raised a lot of eyebrows at work, on the golf course, heck pretty much anywhere I go wearing my Loudmouth Golf clothing.  For those who know me, I am loud no matter where I go.  Now I have the pants and shirts to match my loud style.  You gotta have game to pull off wearing your Loudmouth Golf gear.  There is no better feeling than strolling up to the first tee in my Maui-A pants or my Disco Balls White Pants, hear all the comments, and then rip a 275+ yard drive!  I LOVE these pants!  If you order on-line, you might want to go a size up on the waist and length as they may shrink (100% cotton).  I would wear every pair of pants; shirts, sports coat, and neck tie pretty much anything on www.loudmouthgolf.com.  An added bonus is my 12-year old daughter hasn’t asked me to drive her to the mall in weeks!


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