F1 Flashlight by LED Lenser

I often comment every time I am watching a movie or TV show about how bright the flashlights are that are being used.  I have said to my wife, “Wow where can I get a flashlight like that?”  There was one point that I have a million candle light rechargeable flash light that was not only bulky, it only lasted a few minutes before it needed to be recharged.  You have all seen these small LED flashlights that put out a pretty good beam so I was a little skeptical when the F1 Flashlight by LED Lenser showed up at my door.   However, once I put in the Lithium 3-volt battery, I couldn’t believe the power of this light!  I was actually excited to take it outside that night to test it in the complete dark.  I was amazed how it lit up the woods behind my house!  I could not believe there was that much power in such a small flashlight!  This is about the size of one of my fingers, its waterproof and puts out a beam of 400 Lumens.  This is the perfect flashlight to keep in your car, next to your bed, in your boat, wherever you might need a flashlight you won’t go wrong having the F1 ready to go.  I will challenge anyone out there to find a smaller, more powerful flashlight!  Check them out at www.ledlenser.com.


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