King Cobra SZ Women’s Irons


For this “Gotta Have Gadget, I have enlisted the help of my sister Jen Richards: When my brother asked me to help him out with his latest article, I was flat out excited. When he brought in the new King Cobra SZ Women’s Irons, I nearly jumped out of my skin. I have had my beloved King Cobra Driver for nearly 10 years and it has proven to be a go-to club for confidence and consistency. So the opportunity to play with an entire set of Cobra irons in my bag made me want to swing them immediately in my kitchen.  The King Cobra Women’s SZ set includes clubs ranging from the 5-iron down through the pitching wedge, sand wedge and even a gap wedge, and I couldn’t wait to try them all. When I ventured off to the local range, I could not believe how easy they were to swing. They were so light when I picked them up and the grip felt easy and comfortable in my hand.  I started with the pitching wedge. As much as I like my old set of irons, I just could never seem to hit the pitching wedge well enough to get it up in the air the way I would like. My first hit with the King Cobra SZ pitching wedge was in the air where I wanted it, high, straight and about 110 yards, a first for me. I hit it again and again, each time it was in the air, high and straight. I couldn’t wait to hit the others. I have never had a gap wedge so I hit that next even though I didn’t know entirely what to expect. Again, like with the pitching wedge, the ball popped high in the air and landed straight ahead of me about 75 yards this time. As I worked through all the clubs in my bag, each of these new irons gave me a little bit of something I was looking for. The premium Cobra/Aldila DVS-HL shafts, the urethane inserts and the full cavity back made each club easy to bring all the way back in my back swing and also allowed me to drive through the ball to have a full and complete swing. Besides finding out that I could get more accuracy, height and distance out of a club, most important of all, I found a higher level of consistency and a renewed level of confidence in my game. I have happily used my current set of irons for several years, a long enough period of time that it does make me a little hesitant to change. Well, needless to say, I am a changed woman. With the King Cobra SZ irons you do not have to swing hard to get the launch and distance you need and want. All you need is a nice, and even swing, and you will have the competitive edge you were looking for to keep up with your brothers or whomever is in your foursome.  Check them out on-line at

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