Izzo Golf Swami 1500

If you know someone who is technology challenged, but is looking for the accuracy of a GPS distance unit, take a close look at the Izzo Golf Swami 1500. The Swami is so easy to use; anyone who can use a remote control can now have the distance of every shot in his or her hands. Granted the Izzo Golf Swami doesn’t give you a complete layout of the hole, what it does give you is extremely accurate yardage to the front, center and back of the green. When you arrive at your favorite course, simply turn the Swami on and the digital display will give you a read out of how long it will take to find the GPS Satellite. It is also extremely easy to load on your favorite courses. When I went to load on a course, most of the courses I play were already available. What I found truly amazing was how fast my course requests were answered through the Swami website. I simply clicked request courseĀ and I received an e-mail within a couple of days telling me the course was available for download. With a price of $99.99 and only a $35 yearly membership, the Izzo Golf Swami is an easy, affordable solution for any golfer looking for GPS distance accuracy. For more information and to view some of the 12,000 courses already loaded, visit www.izzo.com.


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