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I have been a big fan of the iPod video or now known as the iPod classic and thought there was no reason to upgrade. That was until I got my hands on the iPod touch. All the features that I loved in my iPod classic are incorporated into the iPod touch, plus so much more. The best feature is being able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. Its great to be able to roll over in the morning before a round of golf and check the weather radar to know what to wear before I even get out of bed. Also, it was incredibly easy to connect to the iTunes store and download an album. Every day it seems I find something cool about the iPod touch. There are applications and games that can be purchased or free for download to add to your iPod touch experience. So if you want to check the weather, browse some videos on youtube or check the latest scores everything is at your fingertips with the iPod touch. Of course the main feature of the iPod has always been the music. With all the added features of the iPod touch, it was nice to see Apple didnt forget that it was all about the music. Browsing albums, artist and tracks is even easier with the big video display. A simple turn of the iPod touch and you are in widescreen mode making everything bigger and better.  I have had the iPod touch for a few months now and it seems like everyday I find something new to do with my iPod Touch.  Since I received my iPod touch, there has been a new version released with a built in speaker and new sleek design.  At night I listen to my favorite playlist to relax before I fall a sleep, and in the morning I am checking the weather or checking my e-mail before I start the day.  There are so many application you can download (some for a fee) to enhance your iPod touch.  Some of my favorites are the 1000s of games, a cookbook, drink guide or my local weather radar.  The iPod Touch easily connect to your wi-fi and is extremely easy to load your favorite mp3 files through iTunes.  For more information on the iPod touch and some of the new features, visit www.apple.com/ipodtouch

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