iLuv iMM183 Dual Dock Alarm Clock


Here is a gift mom and dad can share!  The iLuv iMM183 Dual Dock Alarm Clock will keep their relationship strong as there will never be a fight to see who gets to charge their iPod using the iLuv iMM183!  Why you may ask?  The dual dock in dual dock  alarm clock is not only because there are two alarm settings, but there are two iPod docking stations which both charge your iPod or iPhone at once!  Once you choose which one to listen too, the sound from the iMM183 is impressive!  There are some other features which I think are pretty cool.  You can setup the iMM183 for NOAA alerts.  I walked into my room the other day and saw there were flash flood warnings for my area in New Hampshire.  If you have an iPhone, you can receive a call while docked!  Simply hit the answer button and the call will be on speaker phone utilizing the iPhone microphone and the iLuv speaker system.  While listening to your favorite tunes, the remote control allows you to easily navigate through your favorite playlist.  Whether (yes that was a pun) you use the iLuv iMM183 as an alarm clock, weather alert or an additional docking station, the iLuv is perfect gift for mom & dad.  For all the features and other great iLuv products, check them out on-line at

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