Crosley Radio iJuke

Crosley iJuke

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted a Jukebox! Tracking down a real 45’s (if you know what that is) record jukebox is next to impossible, so I turned to my friends at Crosley Radio! Known for their audio products, I knew Crosley would have something cool. The iJuke® Premier is a desktop jukebox which has an iPod dock and CD player. With blinking neon lights, and authentic jukebox look, this not only would look great in any game room, but it sounds great as well. Listen to your iPod or favorite CD using the fully functional remote control. The iJuke® Premier is lightweight, so on warm summer nights I bring it out on my deck and relax to my favorite tunes. My goal is to find a spot where I can upgrade to a full size Crosley Jukebox! If you have that person on your list who has a cool game room or mancave and is impossible to buy for, check out and check out all their unique audio products.

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