bobber-charger_1Are you looking for that perfect gift for a fisherman?  You have to check out the iBobber, by Reel Sonar.  The iBobber is a castable fishfinder to help your favorite fisher locate the big fish.  The iBobber connects via Bluetooth to a iPhone, iPad or tablet for Android.  Once connected to your phone or tablet, simply cast the iBobber out to locate fish down to 135 feet deep!  I will say that is my favorite function, however there are so many more options.sonar-full_large  With the iBobber, you can map out the contour of waterbeds, log trip data for your favorite fishing hole, or even light it up to fish at night!  Now, you can actually use this as a real bobber, or I carry a separate rod and reel to cast out the iBobber than use the data to bait my other line.  By doing this, I have eliminated the chance of landing that big fish and snapping the line.  While connected to your smart device, the iBobber can help you by giving you vital information in addition to finding the fish.  There are two size indicators to show you how big the fish are, there is also data such as temperature that can help you select the right bait.  If you are using this as a bobber, you can also set an alarm to know when a fish has struck your bait.

Here is a video of the iBobber in action:

Check out the iBobber on-line at http://reelsonar.com/

With the information I have from the iBobber, I typically turn to my favorite lures from shadow_rapRapala and Rapala Brands.  For example, if the fish are closer to the top, I may turn to a Rapala Crank floating lure.  If they are running deep, I might turn to the Rapala Shadow Rap JerkBait which is a slow sinking lure.  For a complete line of Rapala lures and their respected brands, check them out on-line at www.rapala.com.  With the combination of the iBobber and great lures by Rapala, I am catching more fish in less time.  As a fisherman, I get frustrated trying to find the right spot only to find out I am using the wrong bait or if the fish simply are not around.  Arm yourself with the information you need.  Let’s face it, catching more fish is simply far more enjoyable!  As a side note, if you have a tablet, you might want to bring it on the boat if you are fishing with a friend, it can get a little tight on the boat with your friend hovering over your shoulder trying to find out why you are catching all the fish!

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